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There have been many questions regarding the recent passage and enactment of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. All of our research indicates that we are still able re-sell children's items, but we will be thorough in examining items brought in for consignment. We will refuse any items brought in that are on the recall list, and ask our consignors to be diligent in checking the Consumer Products Safety Commission's recall list before bringing them to DoodleBugs. Please follow the link to check for current recalled items. Thanks for your assistance in helping to keep our area children safe.

What Not to Bring
  • No CRIBS        (CRIB Recall Information Q & A)
  • No Out-of-date styles
  • No Wrong season of clothing (see what to bring page)
  • No Car Seats & some baby equipment more than 5 yrs old
  • No Faded, torn or stained clothing and items
  • No Clothing with broken or missing buttons, snaps or zippers
  • No Items with pet hair or cigarette odor
  • No Clothing with suggestive or inappropriate words, captions or slogans
  • No R rated &/or horror movies
  • No house coats, house shoes or slippers
  • No stuffed animals, unless they have a talent
  • No bedding or pillows
  • No rugs or shower curtains
  • No Diaper genies
  • No Potty Chairs
  • No VHS tapes
  • No Recalled items (1-800-424-9393)
  • No Crib bumpers
  • No Hoverboards
Management reserves the right to:
  • Reject poor quality clothing, shoes, equipment, furniture & toys
  • Not display items improperly hung or tagged & poor quality (see above)
  • Retain 1/2 of the earnings when tagging instructions are not followed